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 Ways of Giving

Help make a difference…Contributions

Community Action Partnership of Madera County (CAPMC) operates many programs that are in need of your support. CAPMC provides people with tools to help themselves climb the ladder of upward mobility, and every penny you give or hour you donate is multiplied many times over.

Donations are a vital part of our fundraising activities. A donation to one of our signature programs is a personal way for individuals to help support strategies that make a difference in people's lives. If you make a contribution, you can be assured that your investment is making a positive impact in our community. Your donation can go to your choice of any of our endorsed programs below:

Relay for Life Campaign LogoThe American Cancer Society-Relay for Life Campaign is our annual signature activity. Each year, the Community Services Department establishes a 24 member team to participate in a fun-filled, overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research to find a cure for cancer. Throughout the year, Agency departments coordinate and take part in fundraising activities to help support Relay for Life. If you are interested in making a donation, participating, and/or helping raise money for the Campaign, contact Mary Long, Community Services Program Manager at (559) 675-5742 or Donna Tooley, Chief Financial Officer at (559) 675-5755. 

Children's Hospital Central California Logo-Jeffrey they GiraffeThe Children's Hospital Central California-Kid’s Day Campaign is an annual event to benefit Children’s Hospital of Central California. One day in March, team members volunteer to wake up before dawn and brave the elements of the day to sell a special Kid's Day edition of the Fresno Bee for $1.00 a piece. All funds raised on this special day directly benefit children who receive services at the Hospital. Our Agency continues to seek volunteers to work this special event. If you are interested, please call the Alternative Payment Program (APP) at (559) 661-0779. Dollar by dollar, we can make a difference!

Support the Madera County Food Bank. Madera County is currently experiencing over 17.5% unemployment, and hundreds of families that did not need assistance prior to 2009 now stand in line for hours outside of the Food Bank just so they can feed their families. The Food Bank is seeing an increase in the number of middle class families who, before now, have never needed assistance. Click here and help us help others by donating to the Food Bank. One hundred percent of your donation will be used to purchase food for those in need.

The Martha Diaz Battered Women's Shelter is an emergency shelter available to women and children who seek safety from domestic abuse while they develop a plan that will lead them to violence-free lives. Last year, the generosity of people like you allowed the Martha Diaz Shelter to provide 30 nights of shelter to over 80 women and children.

Every dollar donated to this cause will go directly to support vital services such as food and operating costs. We accept cash and in-kind donations. See our Wish List for in-kind donations we are seeking, and click here if you wish to make a monetary contribution.

The Shunammite Place Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless women with disabilities. Intended to end the cycle of homeless, this Program has been designed to assist and encourage a lifestyle free from addiction. The Shunammite Place helps women with issues of mental and physical health by encouraging structure, improvement, dedication, and goals achievement. We accept cash and in-kind donations. See our Wish List for in-kind donations we are seeking, and click here if you wish to make a monetary contribution.

Help young victims of sexual abuse. Last year, over 80 children were reported to have been sexually assaulted/abused in Madera County. Due to lack of resources, many of them were unable to access counseling or therapy. Help young victims of sexual abuse by providing cash contributions that will enable us to provide services that will start these children on their journey to recovery. Click here to make a monetary donation.

We need your help now...

We need your help now more than ever to weather these difficult and trying financial times. The State of California has already threatened reduced funding for these vital programs, and will likely do so again in the upcoming year. With your contribution, we can supplement our funding, helping close the gap for the most vulnerable population in Madera County. 

Addressing The Needs Of Our Community
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